Thursday, April 5, 2012

2.  My wife--I'll write ad naseum (to the reader) about my wife.  I really, really, really love her.  She makes me a better person everyday.  She is way to hot for me! Has marinelike discipline in some areas, some of which overflow to me and my dinner plate, which I think I secretly appreciate.  She challenges my thoughts, perspectives, and actions.  The way she selflessly loves me forces me to become a better man, really just so I can keep up with her.  She's not demanding, but so thankful when I act like a man that it is all the encouragement I need.
    Beyond the fact that she is a dish, smart, and that she loves me the way she does, my love for her grows daily because of the constant refrain in scripture of this being how Christ and the Church are supposed to relate.  The degree to which I understand Christ's sacrifice for His bride, demands that I step my game up.  In truth it demands that all of us do, which is the root of the issue behind LBMs.  So, you'll get some regular doses of that as well.
      I believe that our marriage is as solid as any I know of.  This doesn't mean it is without sandy patches. However, I never have to question her motives.  We are blessed to know how to communicate with each other very well, and I get to share some of the tid-bits I've learned from 7.5 years of marriage with others almost daily.  I don't claim to have all the answers, but because we both are consistently in prayer for our marriage and each other, I have been given some.

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