Thursday, April 5, 2012

3.  The call of the church.  I have some friends and family who, if they had pity on me and decided to read "cute little miles' blog" are frustrated already with the focus on Spiritual things.  For many who could read this, Christians, the Church, even God Himself, are either laughable or offensive concepts.  In earnest, you're the ones I really want to be reading this, but are the least likely.  My one plea to retain your interest is this... Do not view Jesus based on the dysfunctional churches that make headlines.  Don't stereotype all Christians as the fundamentalist hate mongers you enjoy mocking.  Hear this.  Just as the founding fathers of America had something very different in mind for America when they wrote the Constitution, Jesus and the early church, (even God way back!) had something very different in mind when things got started.  Judge Jesus on Him, scripture and by invitation of the Spirit as your guide, not on whackjobs who even we Christians don't want to stand for.
   The Church as Christ made it is a body of absolutely average men and women of service, humility, sacrifice and love.  If you read through the Gospels and Acts, really read them, don't just remember stories from when you were a little kid, and don't find Christ to be a compelling character, if you don't find the Church to be a powerful manifestation of love I just don't get it.
    In many ways JC is super postmodern-friendly.  He doesn't care about authority, at least as we have set it up.  He dismisses social mores which prevent him from loving the unlovable and the marginalized.  He doesn't serve the elite, or the "haves", but commits his life to service of the "have nots."  He knows who he is and it is not identified by anything but himself, so all the existentialists calling for some authentic act separate from the "other" should be satisfied.  And he has great faith in 11 pretty mediocre dudes, to start a world revolution and empowers them to do that.

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