Thursday, April 5, 2012

Now regarding likely topics, the things that I journal about on my own tend to be almost exclusively about marriage & ministry.  This stands to reason because I think everything in my life falls into these two categories, and if we are absolute reductionists, even my marriage is ministry.  I say this to say that this is likely what one would read here as well.  These are my passions, the things that occupy my heart and mind, and the reason I'm being prompted to do this in the first place.
    More specifically things you'll often read about, then I'll explain a bit about one.

  1. LBM's--old boys who can't, don't want to grow up and live a life of biblical masculinity
  2. My wife--She's BA and teaches me about, and makes me a better man, husband Christian daily.
  3. The Church--Read this like one of those standardized test analogies.  You know, Dog is to puppy: as Cat is to kitten.  Jesus and the early Church are to the American Forefathers: as the church today is to America today.  If you're upset at America or the Church, you're not likely attacking the inventors...

1.  Little-boy-men LBM's-- and how they suck!  This will include as subsets by way of critique, men who are; lazy, excuse makers/blame shifters, unreflective, compulsive, porn fans, all-day-video-gamers/TV watchers, unwilling to grow/be stretched and countless other things I'm blanking on now.  I lead the Men's ministry at my church and am blessed to be in relationships with several men who I would say get the idea of biblical masculinity.  I can't say that I have fully arrived there yet, but I am hard charging it.  My frustration with little-boy-men is that they are complacent, willing to stay in their cute little world of adolescence.  To say it's okay is too strong, but potentially forgivable, if you are single.  But a little-boy-man (LBM) who is engaged, married, a father etc. is unacceptable, and a source of great frustration for me, and their wives.  I'll certainly unpack (LBMs) in countless future blogs.

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